Now Locaccino Users Can Also Track the CMU Shuttles

Say Goodbye to those long waits in the rain, sun or snow and use Locaccino to figure when the shuttle bus will actually arrive at your location.

Following requests from members of the campus community, Locaccino now allows its users to track the CMU shuttle buses.

Here is what you need to do:

  • If you are already a Locaccino user and are using Locaccino from your iPhone or Android phone, all you need to do is (a) make sure you have the latest version of Locaccino installed on your cell phone, (b) go to “settings” and turn “Shuttle Service” on. You will now be able to request the location of individual shuttle buses and see their itineraries on the same map you use to locate your friends

  • if you are using Locaccino from your laptop or desktop, you can click on “CMU Shuttle Settings” to turn the shuttle service on

  • If you are not yet a Locaccino user, you can download the application on your phone from the App Store (iPhones) or Android Market (Android phones), or just go to and click on “Start Locaccino.”

Please note that you need to have a Facebook account to use Locaccino. This is how the application will know who you are.

You do not need however to share your location with anyone to be able to see the Shuttle buses. In fact, unless you explicitly create rules allowing some people to see your location, no one will be able to see where you are.